My Pittsburgh Maker Faire Project

(Note: Looks like I got some recognition for this project. In case you’re wondering, Stuffed Cabbage Inc. is not a real company. It’s just a domain name I picked because I really like the stuffed cabbage my great grandmother used to make. My real name is Christian Restifo.)

So, if you know what Maker Faire is, you know how awesome it is. If you don’t, imagine a festival where people who like to build things, hack electronics, make things the spit fire, do cool interactive art pieces, and the like get together for a couple of days to show off what they do.

I’ve been to the Detroit Maker Faire several times, and I actually presented my dreidel lights at the first Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire (which is essentially a smaller version of a full Maker Faire).

Well, they’ve upgraded it to a full Pittsburgh Maker Faire, and I will be demonstrating what I’m calling the Symonator, an homage to the original Simon electronic game. You know, the one with four buttons where you have to follow a growing, repeating pattern.

Only I think 4 buttons is not enough.


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It’s complicated

My latest Arduino project, a remote controlled rocket launcher. Had to run jumpers via the top route (red) as I didn’t want to do two sided. Ugly, but effective if you remember to include holes/routes for jury-rigged vias. I think it’s laid out properly. We’ll find out soon enough.

Here’s the breadboard version I used to verify my circuit.

Friday night fun

What’s better than soldering on a Friday night? Soldering an Arduino project.

Here’s my cheap little ArduinoISP project that lets me burn bootloaders without having to wire things up on a breadboard. Just pop in a chip to be burned and away you go.

It was also my first time using the toner transfer method (both sides!) as I usually use the photo resist method. All in all, I’d say I prefer the photo resist method; it gives me a cleaner board. I’m sure with practice I could make the toner transfer method work better, but it’s nice to just lay a stencil down and let light do the work.