Stuck in the middle again

So I started work on the middle section. I had to build a skeleton to hold up the ringed top part and provide something to which the shroud could attach. This skeleton also holds the boxes from which the plunger and probe will stick out.

This was a bit of a challenge, as I had to make it big enough to allow Daniel to fit, but light enough as to not make the whole thing top heavy. I used some square dowel rods, the same size as for the ringed top part.

I ended up using poster board for the shroud. I tried some rigid wrap, but I didn’t like the look or strength of it. I stapled the paper to the lower ring and trimmed as necessary. I haven’t taped the seams, so it looks a little rough. It’s hard going from a circle to straight lines.

I still have to find a way to stabilize the top part when it sits on the bottom. (They are separate for ease in getting into/out of the costume.)

Up next is the top dome. My wife had the most excellent idea of using a round garbage can lid. That should also provide some rigidity for the gun. Hopefully, in the near future, I can start painting.

But I’ve still got to work out a harness, and the clock is ticking.

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