Head and weapon

So I obtained a garbage can lid (and can) for the dome. Much easier than constructing a dome out of styrofoam to make a mold to then pour a dome. Add some paper for the sides, and bingo, one usable dome. Kudos to my wife for the idea.

I also took out the guts of a laser gun toy my older son donated to the cause. I eventually decided to use the gun handle as part of the blaster since it would be hidden and allow Daniel to hold on to something. The Dalek now has a working weapon that flashes red/blue and makes a laser sound. I wonder if he’ll get suspended during the Halloween parade for bringing a firearm to school.

I also started on the eyestalk as you can see.

Finally, I know I should have waited, but I got excited and started painting it. Looks very cool, and Daniel was most impressed.

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