Friday night fun

What’s better than soldering on a Friday night? Soldering an Arduino project.

Here’s my cheap little ArduinoISP project that lets me burn bootloaders without having to wire things up on a breadboard. Just pop in a chip to be burned and away you go.

It was also my first time using the toner transfer method (both sides!) as I usually use the photo resist method. All in all, I’d say I prefer the photo resist method; it gives me a cleaner board. I’m sure with practice I could make the toner transfer method work better, but it’s nice to just lay a stencil down and let light do the work.

The Daily Grind

Talk about some work. This is about 4-5 hours of grinding work. There’s a ton of paint on this thing. There’s some type of primer coating, a copper based paint on top of that, and a few coats on top of that. There are probably about 10-15 mdft total. I’ve already burned through one wire wheel. Maybe I should think about paint stripper…..

I’m almost tempted to just polish it on the outside. That aluminum sure looks perdy.

You can also see all the junk I pulled out. Into the trash it goes, as I’m not saving it.

Boat Project

I bought this boat about two years ago. I didn’t have it out at all last year due to time constraints. I thought that I’d restore this boat and add some things to make it nice.

Here are the goals.

1) Rip out all old hardware, include chairs since they’re fairly weathered.
2) Rebuild the transom section.
3) Add floors to the back (between the back seat and transom) and to the front for storage/standing places.
4) Repair the back corner that lacks a reinforcing aluminum corner.
5) Add wiring for lights, trolling motor, and bilge pump. Install a switch box/distribution center for it. Add an “outlet” for charging the battery in place (e.g., connect the battery charger to the boat so I don’t have to remove the battery.)
6) Paint it nice and perdy.
7) Add a drain plug and properly weld some holes that are now filled with silicone.
8.) Replace necessary items on the trailer (tires, jack, etc.)

Up first: Ripping out the hardware, seats, and stuff.