Hacking The MakerBot

So I’m printing out stuff for the z axis rider you can find at Thingiverse. Problem is, some of the pieces are so big that the print head on my MakerBot Cupcake will hit the bolt heads on the heated build platform. What to do, what to do…..

Aha! Make a gigantic build base out of some stock aluminum plate I have. Benefits of this include:

  • A completely flat base that is much better than the aluminum foil tape they give you
  • A huge heat sink that can handle temperature variations
  • Countersunk screws to expand the printing area.

First, we rip apart the heated build platform and use the wooden base with magnets to mark lines for cutting:

Now get out the trusty hack saw and hack. I had to use a separate blade because the hack saw couldn’t cut deep enough.

Now use the platform as a template to drill some holes:

Now countersink those puppies:

Use some thermal paste and reassemble:

Here she is with kapton tape and a center mark, ready to go. No more bolt heads in the way.

And here she is in action, going over a bolt location that previously would have caused a collision: